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I use iPass at LS, but I use Calendar (formerly iCal), Google Calendars, and my iPhone to manage my time.  This leaves my schedule in two places, one of which (iPass) is tough to access on my phone.  I’ve created an OS X application to create events in my calendar for my teaching schedule.  If you’d like to use it, you can download the app here.  You’ll need a Macintosh computer running the newest operating system, Mavericks (OS X 10.9).


Once you’ve downloaded the app, run it.  You have to have in internet connection – it downloads the latest iPass schedule from my website,  If it doesn’t work, the app will tell you, and you’ll have to quit and run it again.   Its one window looks like this:


You can click the image above to see it larger.  My recommendations are as follows:

1.  Make new calendars.  For each block you can choose a calendar you already have, or you can make a new one.  But if you make any mistakes its easy to delete a whole calendar, but if you add them to a calendar you already have, you’ll have to delete what you’ve added event by event.

2.  If you teach on the 5x/2wk model, (like I do in some Computer classes), you can select which days your classes meet and do not meet.

3.  You can decide whether to put the blocks in for your planning blocks.

4.  Its possible to use Google Calendars for this.  But you’ll have to create the Google Calendars first, and select them in the app.  To connect your Google Calendars to Calendar on the Mac, use the Accounts menu item in the Calendar menu.

5.  Confused?  I’d be happy to help you with this application.  The best time to get help is during the ACA blocks when the Web Team meets – I generally go to this meeting.  But you can email me and I’ll help you when I can.

Here is a picture of my calendar for a week in March after I set up my calendar with this application.



Those colors remind me of the 70s!  But its pretty easy to change them.  Just right-click (control-click) on the calendar name in the calendar list on the left.  Choose Get Info.



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