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Google Apps and the Mac

At Lincoln Sudbury RHS, we’re considering using Google Apps to communicate with each other and with our students.  If you’re using a Chromebook, all you need to do is log in with your Google name and password, and everything is set up.  On a Mac, you can just use the Chrome browser the same way, and everything will just work.  But you can do much more, too such as:

  • Adding your Gmail to the OS X Mail app.
  • Adding your Google Calendar to the OS X Calendar.
  • Adding a Google Drive folder to the computer to let you work off line.

I made a screencast to show some of these things, and you can watch it here. Note you can watch it in full screen mode to really see what is going on.


iOS Programming and Swift

Last week, Apple introduced the Swift Programming Language as the future of iOS (and OS X) programming.  This year, at Lincoln Sudbury RHS, I taught an iOS Programming class for the first time, using XCode 5 and Objective C.


The iOS class is scheduled to run again in the 2015-2016 school year, which is good news, since it gives me a chance to learn Swift, and for the tools to stabilize.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be using Swift in that class, for a number of reasons.

First, Apple has made it clear that Swift is the future of iOS / OS X programming.   Second, Swift (using XCode 6) includes a playground feature, which allows you to change code and immediately see the results of your changes.  This could be an amazing teaching tool.

So my work is cut out for me, and I’ll be experimenting with and learning Swift over the next year.  I’m planning a rewrite of the “MyLS” app – an informational app for students at Lincoln Sudbury, and I’ll be writing it in Swift.  Stay tuned!